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For many years I have taught Digital Imaging courses; using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop at Selby College, Leeds Arts University and Leeds College of Music

Having been a designer, trainer and educator most of my working life, what I love more than anything is to teach people a skill, inspire them, build up their confidence to be able to take their newly developed skills to experiment, produce creative ‘things’ they have never done before or even change career.

Newfound knowledge, learning a new skill, being challenged and rewarded – are all brilliant activities we can undertake for our mental health and raise our confidence!

Going through some old images and files I came across some of my student’s work and also their feedback. It’s rather a self-indulgent thing for me to do but I just wanted to share it with you – even provoke thoughts of learning something new… it is never too late!

“Loving this course. Sarah’s ability to provide context and purpose alongside fun and engaging practical examples transforms this course from a what could be a dry software ‘how-to’ one into an experience, leaving me enthused to learn more each week. This is the third course of Sarah’s I’ve now done and I’m looking for an excuse to do another one – I would highly recommend any course that Sarah’s teaching…”Andrew McKie – Adobe InDesign, Ilustrator

“I recently completed Sarah’s evening course in Desktop Publishing, which revolved around Adobe InDesign. Despite having some roundabout knowledge of how the software worked prior to attending the course, Sarah’s classes were continually engaging and well-presented. She provided us with high quality resources and reference material, all whilst showing us how to create a range of products, including posters, folios and books, all whilst incorporating “real world” relevance. Sarah’s enthusiasm is infectious and the course was highly enjoyable- I have come away with newfound inspiration (and appreciation) for design and look forward to using the skills I have learnt in the future.”  Lucy Smith – InDesign Course

“Sarah was my tutor for a 10 week short course in Digital Imaging at Leeds College of Music. I can’t recommend the course enough! I learned a huge amount in a short amount of time and even used the skills I learned for my portfolio which ended up landing me a job in design and marketing. Sarah’s teaching methods were excellent and she helped each person individually which was extremely helpful. I 100% recommend it to anyone whether it’s to boost current skills or as a beginner!”  Lisa Errico – Adobe Illustrator

“Sarah was my tutor on the Design and Digital Imaging Course at Leeds College of Art. Not only did I learn a lot, Sarah taught in such a patient and encouraging manner that I now feel confident, as well as competent using Adobe Illustrator. The whole course was interesting, engaging and informative, and I don’t think I could have had a more knowledgeable teacher. I genuinely looked forward to class each week, and have surprised myself with what I am capable of – all thanks to an extremely positive learning experience. I would encourage anyone who wants to learn more about Adobe Creative Suite or graphic design to get in touch with Sarah, my only regret is that I didn’t take one of her courses sooner!” Rosie Stagg – Adobe Illustrator

Here are some of the student’s work – never having used the programmes before and being able to produce designs to this standard after only 6 weeks is brilliant!


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