Visual Marketing

Every business needs ‘good & effective’ visual marketing!

It doesn’t matter how good the message is, it doesn’t matter how great the product is – if your brand, design and marketing doesn’t communicate the right message to the right audience – your business won’t work!

Every business needs visual marketing that works, to be able to grab their customer’s attention. So more customers, enables more conversations which, can convert into more sales, which in turn makes you more money – giving you the life you want! That’s what good visual marketing does –  so please get in touch and see how we can help you!

Design for Print

In today’s commercial world, print still has a place in connecting with your customers but it is more important than ever the creative solutions are practical, cost-effective and are a strategic part of your marketing.

I work closely with you to understand your marketing needs and offer graphic design solutions for brochures, flyers, postcards, newsletters, leaflets, pop-up banners, exhibition stands and branded merchandise. Print is not dead – it’s actually ‘unique’ right now! But it still needs to work hard for your business and has to have a purpose for it to be effective.

Designing for print has a lot of different variables that can affect the price – I have a checklist of the things you will need to consider so please get in touch to find out more. Please take a look below in Design Services and Costs.

Design for Social

Having the time to invest in social media is important – all businesses need social engagement and an online presence. Knowing how and when to use your social media platforms and email campaigns to engage your customers, is vital in building your relationships and growing your business.

All your social media business pages need to be branded and look amazing, be set-up correctly and optimised to ensure they work hard for your business and send the right messages out to your potential customers.

  • Set-up and optimise your business social media pages
  • Series of social branded graphics
  • MailChimp/Hubspot branded email template for newsletters
  • Training using Canva

Why struggle to do it all yourself? I offer a range of social media packages please see below for design costs.

Other Design stuff…

Your website showcases your business’s services and products and has got to stand out from the crowd! It should engage and inform your audience, be easy to navigate and find information, visually connect with the other online platforms and have a personality. It’s also got to work hard for your business – not against you! There is no fixed price because it depends on your business and what you want the website to do – so let’s have a chat!

Signage on your vehicle is free advertising and so the most important thing is to make sure it is easy to read and can be read quickly. Shop signage – interior and exterior is important to get the visuals and colours right as it sets the tone and customer experience. There are many variables to affect the cost so please take a look below and get in touch for a chat!

Investing in ‘Good and Effective’ Visual Marketing


In our initial 1hr free visual marketing consultation we’d work out the 3Ms: Market, Message and Media – so what you want, who to and why – We would then develop ideas, create various digital designs for you to choose, allow for a few amends and prepare for print, design price are below. The actual printing costs are additional to the design charges and can be quoted.

  • Business Card design £55.00
  • Stationery Package (letterhead in Word and business cards x 2) £155
  • Double sided Flyer or Postcard (copy and images supplied) from £180.00
  • 4-Page A5 Leaflet or 6-Page DL Leaflet (copy and images supplied) from £240.00
  • Other literature such as Brochures, Newsletters, Prospectuses – can be quoted on after we’ve had a chat about the content, size and purpose as this can effect the price.



In our initial 1hr free visual marketing consultation we’d get clarity on your visual marketing, 3Ms: Market, Message and Media, a quick review of your current position (social pages, branding and activity) and what you need going forward. So to break it down the costs are below…

  • Set-up and optimise 2 Social Media Business pages: Create and design headers with checklist for ‘About’ section £135
  • MailChimp template; graphics and content set-up from £85
  • Series of Branded Social Media Templates to use in Canva from £145
  • Social Audit: In order to undertake any social media activity for our clients we need do an audit – as one-off cost for initial set-up, audit and research phase £185
  • Social Monthly Package: Create, design, produce and schedule 3 Social Media posts with designed branded graphics x 2 platforms for the month, from £450pm



All businesses need a website in 2024 because ALL consumers expect it, they do their research first and it’s your online shop. It’s how you show people what you do and what products and services you offer – so it has got to be easy to use, quick to load and look good on all platforms and media!

  • Website Audit: Assess your current positioning – your current website and online presence is the best place to start, we review your current status; speed, images, responsiveness, words, seo ranking, social links and Google placing and offer action points to improve with a video £350
  • New Website: We can design and create a brilliant website specifically for your business needs – the costs depends on what you want your website to do, how many products or services you have, the functionality you want, copy and images you have and your timescale – so we need to have a chat to work it out before we can give you the cost, but prices would start from £1450+.

Signage: Is everywhere your customers can physically see your company’s details – on your van, shop front, inside your office or shop, on a banner, on a Zoom, at an event… and so you need it to look amazing, attract the right people and be eye-catching! Let’s have a chat and then we can work out what you need and then we can work out a price.

  • Vehicle Livery & Signage: Interior and Exterior from £185.00
  • Pop-ups Banners & Exhibition Graphics from £85
  • Billboard/Bus Shelter (Outside) Advertising from £150


Interested in working together – then I’d love to hear from you.

The Design Solution Packages

Brand and Marketing Review @ £450

If you know things aren’t quite working as they should in your business but don’t know how or what to do about it – our Branding and Marketing Review will give you the insights you need to take your business forward.

In a half day workshop we will work with you on your business; where you are now, get clarity on your foundation blocks using our PMD Fusion Framework and how to move forward with 5 key action points.

A follow-up review gives you some accountability and support when you need it to go forward with confidence. If you feel you need more support to action these points, we can work with you to reach those goals.

The PMD Fusion @ £500pm x 3 months

We work closely together for a minimum of 3 months on your business, ensuring you have clarity on your foundation blocks using the FMD Fusion Framework, supplying you with all the brand and visual marketing stuff you need, optimising your social media pages, getting your branding consistent on all media platforms, customer journey mapped out and a robust content plan for your marketing to get your business set-up for success!

If you add in the Social Media Package it’ll all be covered @ £850pm (minimum of 3 months) and so you don’t have to worry about the hours or costs – as it’s all taken care of in the flat monthly fee and and we can offer training so you’ll be able to take over and do it yourself.

Road Ahead Package @ £450pm x 12

We work closely on your business with you over the year as your own visual marketing team, getting clarity on your financial goals, business values, brand archetypes, and marketing goals so all the foundation blocks are in place to then start building on this solid foundation, so we are ready to work on all of your brand and visual marketing needs to move your business forward! You get as much ‘stuff’ as you need and want as well as some training thrown in, so you or your team can learn how to do the everyday stuff better.

If you add in the Social Media Package it’ll all be covered @ £800pm (minimum of 6 months) and so you don’t have to worry about the hours or costs – as it’s all taken care of in the flat monthly fee and together we can concentrate on growing your business!

‘The Design Solution’ is about us working together and building a relationship based on your business’ needs so we need to know about your brand, values, goals and audience! Getting your positioning and proposition aligned with your 3Ms is essential for design and marketing to be in the centre of your money-making marketing machine.

This is an investment because marketing and design done well will make you money! We want to be your right arm, your external design and marketing team you trust and can rely on to deliver. We can do the ‘good’ design stuff for you, train you and your staff how to design the everyday stuff yourself and be there to support you and your business as it grows over time!

Interested in how this might work for you – please get in touch