I'm Sarah.
The Visual Marketer

I help your business to stand out, show-up and attract the right customers through effective visual marketing.

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We create your brand's visual identity...

Designed specifically for your business, to visually communicate the right message to attract the right audience

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We specialise in Visual Marketing

All business need effective and consistent visual marketing to stand out, show-up and attract more customers to grow your business.

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Visual Marketing | Logos | Branding +

Hi! I’m Sarah. I’m the brand and visual marketing expert…

Meet Sarah

In this interview, you’ll discover who I am, the services I offer, how I work with businesses by offering Visual Marketing consultancy and support know as The Design Solution. This is about getting your business in the right place to be able to stand out and attract the right customers to your business

If you’d like to have a chat about how I can add real value and visibility to your business, please get in touch!

Graphic Design - Print

Visual Marketing

In today’s world all businesses need effective visual marketing, to attract, engage and connect with their customers  – to stand out from the crowd and ‘show-up’ better and that’s why I offer The Design Solution – tailor-made packages to suit you and your business.

I want to work with you, where your proposition and positioning are aligned with your 3Ms – so the brand, design and visual marketing can shine and do their job. 

Logos and Branding

How your business looks and how it stands out is crucial, as it creates the first impression with your customers and we all know how first impressions count – so it needs to communicate the right message and attract the right audience! 

Branding is all about how you communicate with your customers at every touch point and critically how you make them feel when working with your business – so it has got to matter! This is where Sarah Bates Design can help!

Dovecote Barns Website

Websites, Signage +

Your website is your shop window – it’s where people will find out about your business and make instant judgements – so it’s got be clear who you are, who it is for, why should they care and how does it benefits them. We can get it right for you and your business!

Signage is free advertising – it tells people who you are!  Whether it’s your shop, office or van it needs to look good and have impact!

The Design Solution

The Design Solution at Sarah Bates Design offers tailor-made support for your unique business needs. Over a minimum three-month collaboration, we align your proposition, pricing, and services with your target market. Focusing on the right media and messaging, we ensure brand consistency with effective visual marketing to align with your business goals and values.

Our approach sets a solid foundation for growth, making The Design Solution Packages a pathway to tangible success and value.

Sarah Bates Design Training

The Design Solution for Entrepreneurs!