About Sarah

Firstly, I’m an ‘old school graphic designer’ so I want to meet you, listen to you, learn all about you and your business by asking lots of questions – so I can fully understand your goals and develop a relationship based on honesty and trust.

Secondly, I am dedicated to creating the best design solutions for your business and your brand. If you choose to work with me and can accept my rather loud laugh, we can build on our relationship because over time your business will grow and your needs will change.

I have been a graphic designer all of my working life as I am obsessed with design, typography, visual communication and spreading good design as far as I can reach. Training, developing and inspiring others is also an important driver for me specialising in graphic design, digital design and software for nearly 20 years across various educational institutions and businesses.

I seek every opportunity to continue to develop as a creative. I achieved Distinction in my Master’s Degree in Creative Practice at Leeds Arts Univesity, which enabled me to work across disciplines with healthcare professionals, practitioners and researchers to create public engagement installations and exhibitions raising awareness of their work, which is something I’m incredibly proud of!

Please take a look some of my designs – starting with this huge window graphic for University of Leeds.

Sarah Bates - Graphic Design