Design Training

Investing in your business!

I have been a high level design trainer and educator for over 20 years, as well as graphic designer for over 30 years, which is a perfect combination to enable me to help both individuals and small businesses with their personal and professional development and business growth, through training.

Connecting and attracting the right customers to your business is crucial to be able to stand out from the noise and be seen! This is what ‘good and effective’ design does, it attracts people to your business and bad design repels them!

So in every business someone needs to understand design:

  • the basics of how design works
  • so they know how to show-up better and stand out from the crowd and more importantly from the competition!

So I want to work with you and your team, to teach you what ‘good’ and ‘bad’ design looks like!

I can teach you the essential basic graphic design skills to be able to create effective looking graphics so you can control the everyday stuff like your social media posts, newsletters and blog posts.

These courses will also be a huge benefit for any kick-starter or apprentice to learn all about design and marketing and why it is important to all businesses!

Types of Training

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Online course are brilliant if you want flexibility, to learn at your own pace, in your own time and to take control of your learning.

Every business needs someone who can design the everyday stuff on social and do it well, because how you look – is critical to how your customers perceive you!

Make 2022 the year to develop and invest in some training for you or someone in your business to learn how to do it well! Take a look at the list of workshops under Business Training if you want something more specific for your business.

Take a look at the 2 courses I’ve designed, both with life-time access and support from me, your designer!

Design Fundamentals with Canva – is quick and easy 1hr masterclass which covers the 10 pillars of design and how to get started using Canva, which is a FREE online design programme specifically designed for non-designers.

The bigger course Design and Marketing For Small Businesses runs over a 6-week period, twice a year, and you are supported by me, your designer all the way through. This is for those business owners who want to know and understand how design and marketing can help their business grow!  Next course 2023 so head over and join the waiting list!

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I deliver on-site workshops and training to small businesses or live through Zoom which can be a one off session or a series of workshops.

Face-to-face training is very effective as you can absorb a lot in a short space of time, however online training can be just as effective but the delivery needs to be broken down into small learning chunks of time.

I can deliver training to individuals or groups – so let’s have a chat how we can get you and your staff skilled up and start working on the business!

Range of training workshops available…

These can be specifically designed for your business and are tailored to you, your staff and your level of understanding and skill.

  • Social Media Basics – for your Business
  • Graphic Design Basics – for your Business
  • Introduction to Design and Marketing 
  • Online Design using Canva
  • Branding workshop
  • Content and strategy workshop
  • Time Management
  • Blog writing and content 
  • Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop

What’s the cost?

There will need to be an initial meeting to work out your needs and which workshop fits with your business. The workshops will then be designed and created, slides and resources produced. For the learning to be effective there must be a practical session and so all workshops are interactive and need your participation to make it worth while, effective and a great experience.

Workshops start from £299 so if you or your team need some training then please get in touch!

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I am on a mission as you may know, I want every small business to rock-up and show-up better and I know ‘Good Design‘ is critical in all businesses. 1st impressions count and how your business is seen by your customers and potential leads and you only have one chance.

Free Learning Hub – where you can easily find my free training, expert interviews and online courses which will continue to grow.

I also deliver Free Live Training in my private Sarah Bates Design Facebook group

If you subscribe to my newsletter I promise not to spam, just 3-4 emails per month full of juicy stuff to help you and your business grow.

So please take a look and spread the news!