Lockdown – Positive steps for my business?

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You may be a sole trader, you may have a team and had to furlough them all, you may simply have no idea what to do or focus on right now in lockdown…

I just wanted to touch base with you at this very challenging time – just check you were ok and if there is anything I can help with or advise then please get in touch. As I know myself this is very hard for everyone right now and we should try and help others where we can during this unprecedented time.
I have been on an Entrepreneurs Circle on-line event in response to the COVID-19 situation and it gave us some useful tips that I want to share with you.
How you can use this time to reflect, review and adapt your business and when this will pass – because it will – you need to be ready for when it does!

From teaching design for many years I have always said, ‘where there are constraints and limitations – innovation will occur’ and so already I can see people are changing their approach to how they interact and connect with their clients, they are offering help and advice which ultimately develops and deepens client relationships and offering on-line alternatives in their business.

So whether it is possible to adapt your business delivery to on-line or not – one thing is for sure is 
that lots more people in lockdown – are on-line right now, looking, searching and buying…
Is there anything in your business that you can offer on-line?
  • top-tips
  • seasonal offerings
  • free training
  • online classes
  • bookings or quotes (these can be video so they are not reliant on face-to-face…? appointments? on-line calls?
  • videos of your premises – products – production – processes – techniques if it helps to add value?
Lockdown lifts the lid on our time contraint – Here are a few things that we often do not have the time for…
  • update your contact/client list (a database with tel and email numbers)
  • connect with people that are their clients on email and social media – check-in with them and see if they are ok
  • grow your connections in LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram whichever platforms you use
  • maybe use the time to review your current business plan, to make positive efficiencies
  • planning your social media posts for when you are back up and running
  • think the posts you can produce now – to engage and advise your customer base – top tips from your business to help your customers and be their “go-to” for advice and guidance as you are the specialists in your business area
  • even develop a new skill, learn a new bit of tech – like how to make videos
  • try writing a blog…
  • analyse your competitors – what are they doing? what are they not doing? what kind of blogs – topics & how does that link to their social media? What is their social media activity – how ofter, content, images etc…
  • as well as getting your accounts in order for the financial year-end (which I always leave till the last minute – I’m a creative that’s my excuse 🙂


I certainly have a few things on the list that I’m having to sort out and have neglected, as one of the most important things is you guys and so I also just wanted to say thank you, for your loyalty and your business and if I can help I will.
And please remember – we will get through this and we will be stronger because of it!
  • You have had to close temporarily because you are helping to stop this dreadful virus taking more lives.
  • Your customers are loyal
  • You provide a brilliant service
  • You are great at what you do
  • You value your customers and they value you too!
If you can think of anything I can do or offer to help then please let me know…
  • free online Canva tutorial?
  • Just a chat/call/zoom?
  • How to do a face-to-face call with a client using Zoom?
  • How to use MailChimp for mass emails?
Please get in touch and remember I’m not just here for Lockdown – I’m here all the time 🙂

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