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Fess Group Logo identity Sarah Bates Design

I had the pleasure of working with David Anderson from FESS Group and Vicky from Bevic on the logo design…

I knew Vicky from a previous training course, we connected and discussed how we might be of benefit to each other as our specialisms and expertise complement each other’s profession and this is how Fess Group’s branding project came into being. First thing I always do is meet the client, this initial meeting is crucial to embark on any logo identity project and develop a relationship with a client.

I met with David and really challenged him on his business, services and products the Fess Group were offering. David is an energetic, driven and passional businessman and so visual language and how we communicate visually was a whole new world to him.

Through images, colour, composition, quality of line, the sharpness or softness of a font can communicate so much to an audience without even reading the words or knowing the business. This is why it is important for a designer to truly understand their client’s business, the market and industry in order to design a logo that is unique, original and will stand the test of time.

The logo needed to communicate confidence, strength, structure, truth and honesty – therefore I needed to understand David’s visual interpretation of this and got him to do a bit of homework! To undertake visual research is quite challenging and yet can be enlightening at the same time.

I presented David with a set of logo designs and once the final design was selected I then worked on how this would be applied to the different sectors within the Fess Group. Colour again was an important factor to consider in how the group brand colour worked with the sectors and the visual links to the sectors of process, communication and energy.

The results were impressive and worked really well when rolled out to the website. We are currently working on the brochure and inserts – so watch this space. Exciting yet challenging times ahead for the industry but marketing and design are definitely one of the elements that keep your brand strong and connected with your clients!

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Fess Group branding sarah bates design


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