Logo Design, Signage + Print Design

Client: BG Fitness

Ben Garrard, who is in Personal trainer, sports and remedial massage, and youth strength and conditioning, approached me after being recommended, wanting advice about branding and marketing material for a new start-up company. I was delighted to meet Ben on this exciting journey and was commissioned to design the logo identity, print literature and signage. With his skill and knowledge, he was also able to help me with a knee injury – so it again was a great way to develop knowledge of his business, skill and potential for growth for this new business.


I was inspired by Ben’s approach as a personal trainer to fitness, his likes and dislikes and how important it was for the logo to communicate confidence and strength, yet compassion and a willingness to adapt had to reflect the approach he would take for each client. It also had to be genderless and relaxed. So the structure of the B and G letterforms interlocking, surrounded by a circle communicates a holistic approach but with challenge and structure, the light blue brand colour is open, light, fun and approachable whilst the Gill Sans font holds the formality of a professional business.

Logo Design | BG Fitness


The BG Fitness final logo works well on all print and online platforms, and it has been applied to business cards, signage, workwear, social media graphics and a series of flyers.

“In the fitness industry we refer to a person’s “Physical Literacy”, it means what physical and fitness attributes does a person possess. Within a short period of time working with Sarah it became apparent that her “Design, Marketing and Business Literacy” is exceptional. She has carefully guided me through the design process, taking time to explain each step of the process and how the design will work on the numerous marketing platforms. I am extremely pleased with the design outcome and I will continue to utilise Sarah’s business and marketing expertise to move my business forward. You will not be disappointed if you enlist Sarah to work alongside you.”