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Client: Homelink

Martin English owned a letting agency Homelink, near Hull was working with Nigel Moore, NJM Solutions and was advised to take the opportunity to rebrand as the company were moving business premises – giving it a modern, inviting look with an aim to attract a wider, younger audience to extend its customer base. The company had been established for many years and so the name was important to retain, after careful consideration, we kept with the bright uplifting yellow colour contrasting it with black and greys.


I was inspired by negative/positive designs and wanted somehow to incorporate what the company did into the title – Homelink. The final design worked brilliantly incorporating the negative space of a house into the shape of the letter ‘n’, so there was a cleverness that made you look and was distinctive, therefore committing it to memory, which is what all good logo designs aim for. I was also involved with the interior signage, stationery, flyers, advertisements, property cards and business cards which looked stunning.

Logo Design + Signage | Homelink


We filled the shopfront window with A3 posters, which were a little bit cheeky, that posed questions and made people think about what Homelink could offer them. Later that year we produced a promotional calendar which was sent out to customers, keeping the brand in their thoughts and on their desks, working hard for the business.

Martin was very impressed especially as he had lots of positive feedback from his existing customers and had new enquiries almost immediately.

Sarah has worked with us for a number of years now. When it comes to design, Sarah is firmly a part of the team, establishing our brand identity from scratch and all of the stationary that goes with it we are delighted with what Sarah has done for us. With a real flair, and an ability to understand our needs as a client and interpret her designs to reflect our business, we wouldn’t be without her. Thanks Sarah