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Client: Indergaard Physiotherapy

As a client, I attended a physiotherapy session with Ove with severe shoulder pain and limited mobility. Over the few weeks Ove’s talent, skill, knowledge of physiology and physiotherapy astounded me and my progress was just short of miraculous. We discussed many things during the sessions and graphic design came up a lot. Ove was embarking on a new clinic for his practice, Indergaard Physiotherapy and commissioned me to brand the clinic, design the business cards, promotional leaflets and postcards for the new clinic.


I designed the exterior and interior of Indergaard Physiotherapy’s clinic focussing on the colours, signage and a large scale illustration, which I felt strongly had to connect with the unique approach Ove takes in his physiotherapy practice. Fluidity, movement, grace and mobility were the key focus words that drove the design visually connecting with his clients. The graphic illustration of the running man, the waves and the inspirational quote were applied as a bespoke graphic wallpaper and immediately had a powerful yet calming impact as you walked into the clinic and visually connects with the exterior window graphic and signage.

The harmony achieved by the graphics was through clarity and cohesion of the vision by developing a good, honest, relationship with my client – communication is king!

Logo Design + Print Design | Indergaard Physiotherapy
Interior design | Indergaard Physiotherapy


Ove and I have developed a very good working relationship with mutual respect for both our professions. I have also delivered some bespoke social media training addressing their specific business needs and Ove continues to be the best physiotherapist I have ever known!

“I contacted Sarah as I needed a complete solution to the graphics, displays and marketing literature for my new Physiotherapy clinic. From the start Sarah impressed me, with her knowledge, passion and vision as well as her eye for detail and how much she cares about the project.

I have never experienced a designer like her in 15 years of running my own business. After a few meetings of me talking about my passions, the philosophy of my work and what I wanted to inspire in my clients when they arrive at my clinic, Sarah went away and created the most amazing vision for my clinic.

One I fell in love with for the simple reason that it had all the details of our discussions, but as graphics!! (I even had a client comment that the design and details about the design was SO me, which Sarah obviously managed to distil out of our discussions)

The project became such a fun thing as I could not wait to see the awesome things Sarah would come up with, and she did not disappoint. In fact I would say she smashed it! Daily I get comments and complements about how awesome the design is, people want to know all the details about it and who has designed it. I just want to say a huge thank you for all the hard work and I couldn’t give a stronger recommendation should you need any aspect of design done. Sarah is truly one of a kind “