Logo Design and Branding

Client: Fluent Coaching

John Borland and his colleagues from Fluent Coaching were re-branding and came to me as a result of a recommendation. They commissioned me to design a logo but it had to meet the ‘t-shirt test’ – in that the owners would gladly wear the logo on their t-shirts and be proud just like the Innocent branding required from their designers!


Research and meetings were undertaken to really get to know the business and how the Fluent Coaching Team worked with their clients. Many designs were presented to the team and having lived with the designs for a while one logo was chosen. The shape reflected a technique they use in their coaching as well as a positive reinforcement of a tick, the three strands could represent a person’s past, present and future or reflect the support surrounding them – with this interpretation left open the logo was allowed to become whatever it needed to be and perfectly fits in with the ‘doing life better’ tag line.

Logo Design + Branding | Fluent Coaching
Logo Design + Branding | Fluent Coaching


Working with the Fluent Coaching team was a great experience as they were dynamic, decisive and were really engaged with the design process. I took them into my world for a while, from my thought processes, spider diagram, initial sketches to the logo development and finalisation of the logo – an enlightening journey!

“Working with Sarah has been simply brilliant. She was so dedicated to getting the right design for us and so prepared to go the extra mile. It’s been more like working with a long lost friend than anything else, and that’s because Sarah really took the time to understand us, to know what makes our business tick, to get to the heart of our company. She also put us firmly in charge, we felt like we were making the decisions, we were part of the design process, and that was really important to us. Oh, and the main thing, she’s a great designer, great at what she does and great at giving her clients what they really want. I’m delighted with what Sarah has done for us, she’s oozed quality in every sense “